Better Than Gold Mildred Colvin


Published: March 22nd 2013



Better Than Gold  by  Mildred Colvin

Better Than Gold by Mildred Colvin
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She inherited half the ranch and had to stay. Allison grew up with stories of her grandfather’s cruelty. How the rich old man refused to help her mother, his only daughter, and that he had no interest in meeting his three grandchildren.

Now, Allison’s living on his ranch and everyone in Oklahoma seems to think he could do no wrong. If she stays one year, she’ll own half the ranch worth three million dollars. If she leaves, everything goes to Daniel Sterns, the boy her grandfather took in and treated as his grandson while he turned his back on his real grandchildren.Daniel Sterns owes his life to Allison’s grandfather. He took him in and treated him like family.

He wants to continue the favor by opening the ranch to boys in need. Allison doesn’t approve, but in spite of her attitude and confusion, he’s drawn to her and wonders if sharing the ranch wouldn’t be better if they merge not only the ranch, but their lives as husband and wife. Now, if only he can convince her.

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