Our Future Madison Louise


Published: April 25th 2014


Our Future  by  Madison Louise

Our Future by Madison Louise
April 25th 2014 | | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: | 8.57 Mb

Pearl Underwood just wants it all to be over. She escaped the OverShadowers, and Adskhan. But not without a price. She’s still Fastened to him, and the memory of what he did to her haunts her. Giving her nightmares, and not even being able to say his name.

The only thing that seems to be holding her together is, Max. She tries to learn more about her powers, keep them balanced. It keeps her sane, keeps her hoping for a better future. But she still feels like she belongs nowhere, even in the place with all the other people like her.Max just wants Pearl to be herself again.

Adskhan took everything from her, and all that’s left of his Pearl is an empty shell. He wants to be there for her, holds her when she cries, and tries to make everything better. But when his brother says that it’s time to start gathering the Hybrids again, he knows he has to leave her. He knows that Adskahn will come for her again, and when he’s suddenly thrust into being head of the Hybrids, Max faces his biggest challenge yet.Will Pearl and Max be able to get past all their fears and worries and be together?

Or will those who took everything get what they finally want?

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