Outlaws: The Truth About Australian Bikers Adam Shand

ISBN: 9781741759792

Published: May 1st 2012


272 pages


Outlaws: The Truth About Australian Bikers  by  Adam Shand

Outlaws: The Truth About Australian Bikers by Adam Shand
May 1st 2012 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 272 pages | ISBN: 9781741759792 | 3.42 Mb

An investigation into Australias biker clubs—bastions of organized crime, or useful pawns in the political law and order game?While the remaining bastions of brotherhood in Australian society are disintegrating—police are corrupt, armed forces are bastardized and demoralized—one group, the outlaw bikers, has bonded together and raised a greasy finger to the government and police. This is a book about how the same forces that have weakened social institutions are now at play inside these motorcycle clubs, as they are weakened and transformed, sometimes into vicious criminal enterprises, harboring some of the most dangerous criminals in Australia.

Bikers say they are the last free men in society, an almost paramilitary force that operates on strong, inalienable codes of behavior and justice, but a struggle is underway inside the clubs between those who believe in the ideal of freedom and those who use the power of the club colors to their own criminal advantage. This is the story of how these clubs try to save their collective souls in the face of greed and self-interest.

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