Messalina Goes To Africa Maria Calanchini



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Messalina Goes To Africa  by  Maria Calanchini

Messalina Goes To Africa by Maria Calanchini
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 22 pages | ISBN: | 9.61 Mb

We went back and read it three times...The story is engaging, the kids are learning about cultures, theyre learning new words and all while reading or being read a great storyAnd you can even go to a website to watch a videoMessalina Goes To Africa is an adventure book for children. Who is Messalina and why is she going to Africa? Messalina is a very messy little Goop girl. The Goops are funny little characters named after the naughty habits of children.

Messalina is named as such because she is so messy and makes messes everywhere she goes.Despite being so messy, Messalina is also a very sweet and endearing little Goop girl with a great sense of adventure.

Everyday Messalina goes on adventurous daydreams. One day Messalina goes on an exciting daydream adventure to Africa and lands herself in a big mess with a pair of hungry hippos who want to eat her. Messalina must rely on the help of new jungle friends and her own common sense to get herself out of the mess she has created. Once Messalina figures out that everyone else doesn’t love messiness as much as she does she is well on her way to escaping the perils of the African jungle. This is a childrens book that ignites the imagination.

A perfect early chapter book for ages 6-8.

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