Stone Junction: Une Grande Oeuvrette Alchimique Jim Dodge

ISBN: 9782749106083

Published: 2008

554 pages


Stone Junction: Une Grande Oeuvrette Alchimique  by  Jim Dodge

Stone Junction: Une Grande Oeuvrette Alchimique by Jim Dodge
2008 | | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 554 pages | ISBN: 9782749106083 | 6.70 Mb

Im too tired to organize my thoughts into coherent paragraphs, so instead heres a numbered list thingy, sorry if its lacking in artistry.1. Im about 99 percent sure Ive read this before, but I cant remember much of anything about it. When I went to my library to find something else today, this just leapt off the shelf at me, so.2. Not many books seriously grab you with the first five or ten pages- this one had me riveted by the end of the first paragraph.3. Jim Dodge –- like Pynchon, though most of you dont believe me –- is so electrifyingly fun to read.

Something amazing just shines through every paragraph.4. Re: 2, that first amazing chapter? It involves a sixteen-year-old pregnant orphan breaking a nuns jaw. If that doesnt make you want to run out and get this book, dont bother reading the rest of this review.5. Im going to call this book mystical realism. I think this is distinct from magical realism because the first three quarters of the book is totally grounded in the consensus version of reality (thats good, right? I got it fromAtmospheric Disturbances). But even when it veers into the mystical/magical, its a shift that is wholly believable because of all of the mystical shit that went on before.6.

Since you probably dont have any clue what Im talking about, Ill do a quick summary. This is the story of Daniel Pearce. He is the kid who the woman in points 2 and 4 is pregnant with. He grows up in a totally loving and wholly unorthodox environment, as his mom sort of runs a safe house for outlaws (but the honorable kind, the fascinating and brilliant and good kind). Everything is cool until mom is killed when Daniel is fourteen. After that he is taken in by the people for whom his mom ran the safe house: AMO, a loose network of alchemists, magicians, and outlaws.

He falls under the tutelage of a series of incredible men and women, who each teach him various amazing skills (meditation and waiting, safecracking, drug and sex appreciation, poker and gambling, disguise, and finally vanishing). You realize that he is amassing the lessons he will need for the quest hes about to embark upon, on which he will both search for his mothers killer and steal a six-pound round diamond from the CIA.7. I was going to say that this is a bildungsroman, but then I checked Wikipedia, and I guess its actually a künstlerroman. Regardless, its a sensational story of an incredible journey undertaken by an amazing hero and populated by a stunning array of fantastic supporting cast members.8.

The book is introduced by Thomas Pynchon.9. Jim Dodge has a spectacular writing style, combining totally believable dialogue with amazing characters and plenty of beautiful description. As I said earlier, theres a certain kind of author who you can tell just had so much fun writing that you cant help but be just as enthused to read it.10.

I fucking loved this book.

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